Initial Thoughts on a crazy night.

by C.C Hamilton

  1. If someone had offered the SNP 35 seats from a previous total of 6 in 2015, I think they would have been delighted. Last night, of course was a disappointment but it is still a BIG result. 3rd largest party at Westminster on the back of wins in the council elections and Holyrood elections is still very good after 10 years in Government in Scotland and against a brutally hostile media.
  2. That said it was a real blow to lose people like Angus Robertson, Eilidh Whiteford and Alex Salmond. However, it is now up to the Tories who suggested they can protect the North East (fishing in particular) to come through. They won’t.
  3. Never underestimate the power of the Sectarian vote in Central Scotland, especially when it tactically votes and in some places they got it right this time. When that tacks enmasse to any party’s base support it will do well. Good luck to them but I suggest in places like Rutherglen, where they lost the hardest working MP in Westminster, they cut off their nose to spite their face. In my constituency we only got postal stuff from the other candidates, the Tory nowhere to be seen, didn’t even turn up for some of the hustings but only narrowly lost with 32% of the vote. The Tory vote in Scotland has next to nothing to do with policy, because they don’t really have any.
  4. Labour vote share going up slightly had nothing to do with the Scottish Labour leadership and everything to do with Corbyn. Hell I would have voted Labour myself in England, but I never want to hear anyone in Scottish Labour go unchallenged if they use the “Tartan Tories” shite again. The Scottish Labour Leader suggested the Tories were better placed to beat the SNP in some places and news reports suggested they were working with the Tories to unseat the SNP candidate. Disgusting. As those 12 seats staying SNP could have led to a progressive alliance and Labour running the country. Kezia Dugdale should be hanging her head in shame today. All she had to say was “Vote Labour, and if you can’t vote Labour, vote anyone but the Fucking Tories!”
  5. Nicola Sturgeon completely fucked up with her attack on Kezia on Monday, I appreciate Kezia has attacked her all campaign and I get the impression Nicola was hurt at being attacked by someone she once regarded as a friend, but to do so as she did on Monday brought the debate level down even further and let RapeClauseRuth of the NoSurrender Party off the hook. Apologise Nicola and move on please.
  6. I dearly wanted some kind of alliance between LibDems, Labour and SNP but that seems to be unlikely with the Tories keen to work with the DUP to secure a slim majority. This is terrible news for progressives in the UK and has particular consequences for our friends in Northern Ireland I would suggest.
  7. Will Saint Theresa resign? early indications are no but she is weakened.
  8. Will Nicola Sturgeon resign? No but again she is weakened. A poor campaign, the result aside, where she spent most of it on the defensive. There seemed to be little or no strategy but I think she is still the outstanding political mind in Scotland. There has been a complacency around the party, though, and that has to change. Forget referendums for now, the Scottish Parliament has a mandate anyway, and get back amongst the people and engage again.
  9. Again Scotland, Sillars was right. We must face the paradox, what happens when Scotland votes one way and England another (paraphrasing) 2/3rd of us voted against the Tories and here we are again. A Tory Government but not just that this time. A Tory Government propped up by the DUP. And Ruth the Mooth thinks the yes movement is divisive. What a fuckin joke.
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Armed with Paper [Poem…of sorts]

Armed with Paper


Strong prisons can have paper bars

Creating books with empty memoirs

And blackout ceilings of Latin Decrees

Where only the poor are cut off at the knees


Exempting only inmates of bloodied Titles

Conversations translated with bias subtitles

On a malleable foundation of benefit hate

Privilege redefining the disabled sick fate


Knowledge is power so they increase the security

Plunging Internet light into controlled dark obscurity

Foreshadowed by brandings breathing in an enclosure

Ninety Nine will fall when One controls the exposure

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The Story so Far….

The Story so Far….

There are many people that can put this more eloquently than myself. I usually doodle.

In reality humanity needs to wake up – Yesterday.

I live in the UK, quite possibly the most Un-united Kingdom on the Earth. Our democracy is enslaved to another country and if the word ‘Democracy’ was a person – it would be on its Knees.

If you haven’t already guessed – I am from Scotland.

We could have been independent….actually No. We couldn’t have.  There is no reality where Scotland can democratically free herself; because corruption, legalized propaganda and fear will stop us. And if that didn’t stop us (historically speaking) – a technicality would have[i].

Despite the actual independence referendum itself being questionable (whitewash investigations continue across Scotland) and held with the security of a Tuck Shop being run by squirrels (there are literally videos all over youtube showing problems that even make my disengaged cat wince) – there were some positive outcomes.  Labour destroyed itself and lied (about so many things) specifically about pensions.

Morbidly when I built this website to discuss, campaign, rant etc. it was because I thought we would lose the Independence referendum but paradoxical I also couldn’t watch that historical event take place without Trying.  Trying for something better.

Don’t take that as defeatist. Scotland WILL be independent. I just don’t think it will be with a clear cut vote, in a swirl of rainbows – in fact I suspect it will take a choke hold over the people with the London-Controlled Government reducing us all into very desperate creatures.

Right now the Government keeps its population scared, desperate but still afraid of losing what little we have – that time will move forward in the next five years. Eventually some people will decide that there’s nothing more to lose. And that is what will, probably and eventually, free us all.

But whatever happens – Hope will come in Over Fear. That I do believe. Hope and Integrity will always exist in the cracks and it will bleed through. There are good people out there. You’re probably one of them.

You could mistake my description (with propaganda, discrimination, persecution featuring heavily in the metaphorical brochure) of my beautiful country as belonging in a fascist warzone  – that’s because it is.  And like most advanced forms of warfare – the people don’t even realise they’re being attacked (and destroyed).

I would love to ‘Walt Disney’ this up for you but humans are selfish. They don’t care until it (persecution) is on their doorstep. This is proved by the death of over 60,000 disabled people (10,600 dead in 10 months x 6yrs of Conservatives)[ii] after their benefits were terminated by the Government. And that is just the people we know about. There are people who do not claim for benefits out of fear/shame etc. So sixty thousand people die and nobody cares. This is both sad but reality.


From being forced into ‘reprograming’[iii] by the UK Government under pain of losing meagre benefits, to having budgets cut across all departments to pay for ‘Austerity’ that so far has led to the rich doubling their wealth whilst the poor have become poorer.

Austerity was and is an excellent tool for causing fear (and by natural proxy allow for social control).  It is also, in a larger scale – a complete lie[iv].  Most of us (mere ordinary mortals) have seen our pay cut whilst the top 1000 people’s wealth has doubled[v].

And before I carry on (I am sick of this issue being raised by idiots that can’t do basic math) – Migrants contributed £20bn more in taxes than they took in public services over the last decade.  Average pay, taking account of rising prices, has fallen every year for six years. This is the worst decline living in standards for most people since official records began in 1856.

But the genius Westminster Government[vi] has Working people attacking the Corrupt, the Rich disabled and sick…. immigrants, the really poor, various religions and any day I’m sure they’ll be adding other races, atheists and ‘people that have read A book’ to that list. Make no mistake. You are NOT the exception.  We (rich, poor and everyone in between) are not in this together.

Referring to ‘Social’ control I suppose I should acknowledge BBC bias and the phenomenon of ‘BBC Math’. The BBC bias occurs when the tax-payer funded organisation simply ignored/ignores most protests, events and rally in the same way that my cat doesn’t bury the shit in its litter tray.

BBC Math is basically how the BBC counts how many people turn up at protests against Austerity. It is a very complex procedure. First –They don’t send any journalists. Then one of their writers closes their eyes and picks a number (numbers 0-130) out of a hat. That number then becomes a mainstream official figure.

The key attribute of BBC Math is that no actual Maths takes place.  This phenomenon got so bad during #indyref that I actually found myself placing numbers onto people in a photo of rally to disprove the BBC maths*

* using an advanced technique (I didn’t personally invent…ah what the hell – I invented it) called ‘Counting’.

The BBC is quite frankly…finished in Scotland. Ironically the Conservatives (their masters) want them gone as well so strategically I think the BBC has been taking advice from either Fifa or Glasgow City Council*

*a side note – a sarcastic kudos and slow clap to Glasgow City Council for killing The Arches, demolishing the Buchanan steps and then blowing 23million on spy cameras.  My Bowel has better PR.

All hope is not yet lost.

The legalised propaganda where a Politian (nods to Alastair Carmichael) can lie and then face no repercussions is being challenged in Scotland – by a Crowdfund.  If someone had pointed out that previous sentence to me two years ago I would have thought it came from a fantasy story.. People don’t care….right? Wrong[vii]  3913 people seriously care and have put up £60,000 in 16 days.  This is pretty damn incredible.

We also KNOW that 1,617,989[viii] Scottish people are Brave and there are Many of them (see what I did there).

Despite the entire mainstream media, UK Government and most political parties raining down their very best ‘merry hell’ – 1,617,989 people stood and fought for Scotland.

Labour literally lost its strategic heid and continued to Exorcist (spin) its way to hell.  When I was a kid I may have (once) voted Labour (I came from a seriously Labour family…some of you know HOW Labour that was and what it cost to walk away) but I digress – I am happy that their true and quite frankly Conservative colours have been exposed. I am sad that they cannot admit how much they have screwed (up) Scotland.

They now have a chance to go away, disentangle themselves from London, ‘find themselves’ and come back with a new vision, attitude and attempt redemption (hopefully not in my life time though) – but they will Not. Instead Labour has somehow become MORE right wing than most conventional right wing parties. It’s actually fascinating to watch – but not in a good way. It’s like watching a horror movie KNOWING that everyone is going to die but watching it until the end anyways.

Then in May – 1,454,436 of those people came back and reinforced Scotland by voting SNP.  Whether you are SNP or not – That sends a message.

I would have, personally, been happy with Scotland backing any of the anti-austerity parties and I wish the Scottish Greens had done better basically because I liked the moxy of Patrick Harvie.  But, like most, I understood the importance of not splitting the vote.

So where are we now?

>Tentatively pushes a piece of paper across the digital table<

2016 Scottish Parliament general election – Thursday 5 May 2016,_1979





[1] In the UK, the main Government (voted in General Election) hold their debates etc. at Westminster.  Despite 56 MPs out of 59 from Scotland being against Austerity – the Scottish people have virtually no democratic control over their country as The United Kingdom is divided into 650 constituencies, with 533 in England, 40 in Wales, 59 in Scotland, and 18 in Northern Ireland. So even if Scotland, Wales and Ireland wanted a different future, party, government – England controls all four. Kind of like how a Prison Guard controls the Inmates. Democratic? So whats happened is that a party called the Conservatives controls the UK. They are possibly one of the most morally corrupt party in history…but that’s for another article.









[vi] In the UK, the main Government (voted in General Election) hold their debates etc. at Westminster.  Despite 56 MPs out of 59 from Scotland being against Austerity – the Scottish people have virtually no democratic control over their country as The United Kingdom is divided into 650 constituencies, with 533 in England, 40 in Wales, 59 in Scotland, and 18 in Northern Ireland. So even if Scotland, Wales and Ireland wanted a different future, party, government – England controls all four. Kind of like how a Prison Guard controls the Inmates. Democratic? So whats happened is that a party called the Conservatives controls the UK. They are possibly one of the most morally corrupt party in history…but that’s for another article.



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DWP Deaths

So How Many?

How many does it take?

This should not come as a surprise to anyone but the UK is now under investigation for Human Rights Abuses related to Welfare Reforms by the Conservative Government, specifically managed by Iain Duncan Smith (eventually will be replaced by Stephen Crabb – the man who thinks LGBT can be ‘cured’ and has never voted against his party stance) [1]

No one is shocked but like most murders and scandals in the UK – ‘knowing’ and ‘proving’ are often two entirely different creatures.

A huge problem for the media, reporters and various free sites is how to ‘translate’ the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions – mortality-statistics-esa-ib-sda) figures. It is no easy task as the report is deliberately evasive, fragmented and actually doesn’t fully address the original FOI (Freedom of Information) Request.

I could go into detail but a lot of people are complaining online that the entire thing is too complicated to follow. But make no mistake – the UK Conservative Government WANTs to confuse you.

  1. The DWP has lied to the UN (by claiming the data that has just been released did not exist in the first place), hidden figures and manipulated the original FOI request. Mostly because the UK Government has essentially committed mass murder. And it is STILL hiding information.
  2. This is the reason the Tories / Conservative Party want to destroy the Human Rights Act (HRA). Because they cannot be found guilty if they rewrite the very foundation of what it means to be Human.
  3. The UN has already ‘urged’ the UK Conservative Government to scrap the bedroom tax after Investigators were horrified with what it was doing to people[2]. UN Investigators also claimed that it constituted a violation of the human right to adequate housing. But even then – They couldn’t prove it was killing people because the UK Government/DWP claimed the figures didn’t exist.
  4. The Conservative Government is trying to dilute the power of Freedom of Information Requests.
  5. It is all connected. The Bedroom Tax, the Human Rights Act, Freedom of Information and the new DWP figures.

So the DWP Report (which is probably why you are here). (You can download the full PDF. mortality-statistics-esa-ib-sda)

mortality-statistics-esa-ib-sda To download on a PC/Laptop. Right Click over the Link with your Mouse and choose “Save Target As”.

What it tells us

  1. Number of Deaths in the Work Related Activity Group is – 7,200. (This is a group made from people that the DWP has said will recover and return to work within a year. There should be ZERO deaths in this category)
  2. Total is 91,470[3]. This is a MINIMUM figure. Because

9,740 died whilst waiting to be assessed (a process that can take over a year)

2,650 people died after being assessed as “Fit to Work” by DWP.

1,360 died after appealing their “Fit to Work” DWP sentence.

3,320 people died whilst not in receipt of any benefit payment.

  1. We KNOW that people are dying because of the Sanctions and strain the DWP is putting on them[4]
  2. The figures that DWP have released… Don’t make sense. They have also erased December. Seriously – Christmas is cancelled.

The Flaws in the DWP Report

  1. This Report was the result of a) Campaigning and b) a Freedom of Information (FOI) request. The Report does NOT answer the questions from the FOI request
  2. The figures are actually even MORE disturbing than you think. For some reason December is missing. The FOI request specifically asked for the year 2011. December 1/12th of the year. Is Missing.
  3. There is a reason December is missing. Tables for Mortality statistics: Out-of-Work Working Age benefit claimants show the total number of deaths in 2011 was 13,490 – that means 2,890 ESA claimants must have died in December that year to make that figure work.

The inclusion of December would push the stats up. Specifically; 93 deaths per day – nearing 653 per week. The inclusion of December would almost TRIPLE the ESA death rates.

  1. The reason all the reports, articles and numbers are being very specific is because We (the people) cannot Trust the DWP. They are omitting information and manipulating it.
  2. There is ONLY one reason to manipulate information of this nature (Murder and Death does tend to have a political impact). Because the real figure (without being too conspiracy theorist) – WILL BE WORSE.
  3. From Previous DWP reports, Claimants are counted as ONE. One person, one claim (so even if you’re claiming for a few benefits – it tends to be counted as one person) – this makes for better headlines and can easily be manipulated to be “Success” stories for people getting back into work and off benefits (even if you’re only off one benefit – that’s close enough for MSM).
  4. The inclusion of Incapacity Benefit (IB)/Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA) was deliberately put in to make translating the ESA figure MORE difficult (but in its own way – actually makes it more worrying).  But make no mistake. You can go into depth here but the bottom line is – people were found fit for work and then died. This means they had their benefits cuts, suffered financial hardship, were hounded on their last days by the DWP and died.

However when you die something spectacular happens.

Incapacity Benefit (IB)/Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA) to deaths on Income Support Allowance (ESA), the totals for each year are greater than the total number of deaths recorded for the whole population.

So how many of people have died? We don’t know. And as long as the DWP / Conservative (helped by the Lib Dems back at the start) are in charge – we might never know.

But the fight must continue.

It doesn’t matter whether this article has every single figure (considering the source is DWP) or just contains some basic diluted facts for easy digestion.

People are dead. And more are dying.

Ignorance is not an excuse (it actually wasn’t even an excuse BEFORE this report).

And the fight MUST go on.

Because the moment you stop caring – is the moment you don’t need Human Rights because by definition – you’re no longer human anyway.


People who have died & current figures (27/04/16)
People who have died & current figures (27/04/16)

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[5] – where the original FOI request came from.


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