Our Fav Links


My favourite Indy Blog about Politics in Scotland written in a wonderfully quirky style. Also available on twitter at @weegingerdug


Women for Independence – I was not originally sure about this group but for the past few months (2016) they have been completely different in nature; friendly and progressive. I don’t know what changed this year for them but now I can thoroughly reccommend checking out their blog and twitter account @WomenForIndy


A little startup company that begun with badges. Some/most of my artworks are available in badge-able format here. I like to support little Scottish Startups.


I really enjoy this site and its factual writing and analysis of the political climate in Scotland (particulary of media bias)


Black Triangle is a tireless and fearless Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights. They have a twitter at @blacktriangle1


The home of @the45storm and has supported my own articles. 45storm is one of the strongest Twitters and is consistantly strong in fighting for Independence in Scotland AND multitasks covering House of Commons Debates, Podcast Interviews and various multimedia projects. I am hoping to work with them in upcoming projects. the45storm is on twitter at @the45storm


I love these guys (they allow me to watch live events across Scotland as well as appear to be in different locations – so I can cover one Protest at the same time as they cover Interviews or other Protests at the other side of Scotland) They keep you up-to-date and you can subscribe to their feed for email updates. They are on twitter at @liveindyscot