Dear Older Voters

by C.C Hamilton

Dear older voters. 

Please don’t vote vote for the party who have in the manifesto to cut your pension, cut your winter fuel payments and take away free school meals for kids.  

Please don’t vote for the party of benefit sanctions, tax credit cuts and the rape clause. Please don’t vote in Scotland for the party whose MSP’S think it is acceptable to use “we are the people” to troll people on the Internet opening old sectarian wounds. 

 Please don’t vote Tory because you don’t want to put a cross in a box in 2 years time if there is a referendum.  

YOUR generation, more than any other, know what the Tories did to Scotland under Thatcher. Don’t let them do it again. Vote for the party who works everyday for Scotland. They don’t always get it right but at least they fucking believe in Scotland and our people and our right to choose our own path.  

And in 2 years time just vote NO, if that’s your choice. But at least there is a party that are saying that it should be your choice.  Don’t vote for the party who thinks you are not capable of making that choice. 

Please think about it. Don’t vote to be poorer. Don’t vote to stop YOU having choice. 

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