Getting on with the Day Job


So @kezdugdale has said all SNP MPs are doing in Westminster is fighting for independence. Let’s see shall we?


1. Here’s @IBlackfordSNP fighting against the UK’s ridiculous immigration system that would have deported the Brains. http://www.thenational.sco/news/14902497.Ian_Blackford__MP__describes_the_deporting_of_people_like_the_Brain_family_as_a_modern_day_Highland_Clearance/


2. Here’s @EilidhWhiteford passing landmark domestic violence legislation. SNP MPs did that in Westminster.


3. Here’s @alisonthewliss exposing the Tories repugnant #RapeClause and SNP’s fighting against it.


4. Here’s @MhairiBlack fighting against the UK Govt’s absurd benefits sanctions regime which is hurting the vulnerable.


5. Oh look. Here is @alisonthewliss again, campaigning for more protections on the marketing of baby formula milk.


6. Here’s @joannaccherry campaigning against the Tories inhumane decision to scrap the Dub’s amendment.


7. Here’s @kirstenoswald fighting for our veterans. Thanks to her, mesothelioma sufferers will get care they deserve


8. Here’s @RogMull fighting against the SLP tax loophole that’s Westminster seems to not want to close.


9. Yup it’s @MhairiBlack again. Fighting for @WASPI_Campaign & for fair treatment for women born in the 1950s #WASPI


10. Next it’s @StephenGethins standing up to Theresa May’s extreme Brexit obsession & protecting 80,000 Scottish jobs.


11. Here’s @AlexSalmond laying down 50 amendments to the Tories brexit bill & standing up for Scotland’s interests.


12. Here’s @AngusRobertson exposing the Tories plans to ditch the pensions #TripleLock at #PMQs


13. Here’s @EilidhWhiteford standing up for Scotland’s fishing communities that the Tories think are “expendable”.


14. Here’s @callum_mccaig standing up for Aberdeen’s Oil & Gas sector. Demanding the UK Govt support the industry


15. Here’s @CalumKerrSNP standing up to the UK Govt’s extreme Brexit that will hurt Scotland’s farming communities.—snp-slams-ministers-for-short-changing-farmers-20649


16. Here’s @joannaccherry again, standing up to the Theresa May’s illiberal snoopers charter.


17. Here’s @HannahB4LiviMP fighting for her constituents & winning the fight for a new independent aviation body.


18. Here’s @KirstySNP reuniting with a young girl with her lost toy bunny. Because not everything has to be serious


19. But if you think it does, here’s @KirstySNP fighting for a more family friendly parliament.


20. Here’s @PeteWishart holding the Tories feet to the fire over the election expenses investigation.


21. Here’s @PGibsonSNP securing a victory in her campaign against nuisance calls.


22. Here’s @TasminaSheikh holding the UK Govt to account over their failures in the #Concentrix scandal


23. Here’s @AlanBrownSNP campaigning to secure audio & visual help for blind & deaf passengers on public transport.


24. Here’s @StewartMcDonald MPs fighting the Tories decision to close half of Glasgow’s job centres


25. Here’s @ChrisStephens constantly reminding Labour & Tories of the #IndyRef promises for jobs in Clyde shipyards


26. Here’s @AngelaCrawley30 standing up for LGBT & Transgender equality and calling for more progress.


27. Here’s @MrJohnNicolson exposing & fighting the Tories privatisation agenda – this time around @Channel4News


28. Here’s @Stuart_McDonald & @ronniecowan fighting against the Tories ludicrous immigration targets


29. Here’s @PeteWishart fighting against the ‘go home’ vans that Theresa May set up


30. Here’s @GavNewlandsSNP campaigning for men to stand up against domestic violence.


31. Here’s @BrendanOHaraSNP standing up to the Westminster parties obsession with spending £100bn on nuclear weapons.


32. Here’s @DeidreBrock bringing common sense to Westminster & fighting against the Tories desire for a new Royal yacht


SNP – Getting on with the Day Job.

(This is just an example of some of the things the SNP has been doing – if you have anymore suggestions please email with others)

(This article has been made possible by harvesting tweets from  @GrantDCostello – cheers Grant)

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