I don’t understand

I don’t understand why the Council won’t help me. For Short Assured Tenancy’s (which I have & an AT5) the procedure is a Section 33. This is outlined on Shelter’s website and, indeed, across all sites that deal with homeless. However North Ayrshire Council refuses to accept my Section 33.


Policy is clear as setup in Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 as amended


“The duties include a statutory responsibility to anyone threatened with or experiencing homelessness. By law, local authorities must offer a minimum of temporary accommodation, advice and assistance to all homeless households and those at risk of homelessness.”


Due to illness I am categorised as being c) a person who is vulnerable as a result of (v) (vi)



Amendment of section 25 of the 1987 Act


In subsection (1)—

(a) for paragraph (c) substitute—

“(c) a person who is vulnerable as a result of—


old age;

(ii) mental illness;

(iii) personality disorder;

(iv) learning disability;

(v) physical disability;

(vi) chronic ill health;

(vii) having suffered a miscarriage or undergone an abortion;

(viii) having been discharged from a hospital, a prison or any part of the

regular armed forces of the Crown; or

(ix) other special reason;”,

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