So I’ve spent the last three months begging Councillors & MPs for help. Discovered today that the Local Housing Office isn’t even looking to find me a new home.

I have spoken to the Homelessness Team (repeatidly) but they apparently have managed to promise me a solution WITHOUT speaking to the local Housing Office. That’s right – today I phoned the local Housing Office and they had never heard of me from the Homelessness Team. So they have not even been remotely looking for a home for me for the past three months.

Advocacy has, so far, been useless. All Shelter and CHAP care about is paperwork. They have zero regard for the person about to become homeless.

The Homelessness Team did manage to bully my Landlord into letting me stay for a few extra months so now I have an unhappy Landlord and no timescale.

Health hasn’t been good. Another burst ulcer when I totally blame on the Housing crisis.

Update: New holes opened up in stomach, acid been found in surrounding areas. Consultant asked me “Have you been under any stress?”……… I’ve never been under MORE stress. -_-

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