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As we all know, Twitter is my poison of choice. But how many Scots are on Twitter? How many women and men? How many times did they mention #indyref? What have we brought to the World?

Well wonder no more.

Scotland sends 2.1 billion tweets – or 65 tweets a second per year.

In the UK there are about 24 million Twitter User.  48.2% of Scotland’s users use Twitter. 40% of users don’t actually tweet, instead using Twitter as a news feed (come on people!)

Total Population of Scotland is 5.295 million[1]. Total number of Twitter accounts mean that 2.541million are on twitter but only 40% are active tweeters.  So the number of Tweeters are 1.016.

That means that the percentage of people in Scotland that use Twitter is 19.187% (rounded up = 20%)

Men sent 56% of Scottish tweets between June 2014 and June 2015.

Average Age of Tweeters is between 25-34[2].

The hashtag #indyref has been tweeted OVER 6,473,089 times (beating how many times Scots have tweeted #OneDirection) (#bettertogether was tweeted 55,778 by comparison)

We have also introduced the World to phrases such as ‘Yer Da’ and ‘Yer Maw’ (it’s a proud moment for us all as a Nation)

During indyref debate you can see the Twitter pattern (to work out locations) across Scotland from those debating indyref hashtags[3].


[1] 5,295,000 (first results of 2011 Census)





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