I, Daniel Blake

I exist in a system that tortures the most vulnerable in society.  A system that rewards cruelty, degrades human beings and drives up suicides and disabled deaths.  You might think that this film is unrelated to you. You might be doing alright for yourself. But the difference between me and you? – Is luck.

I was fine, working and healthy one day and then the next my entire world burned into ash.  What happened to me was not predictable. It could not be cured, only managed and even then somedays it cannot.

If you want some insight into how Tory austerity is killing people – go watch “I, Daniel Blake” (an excellent starting point).  Although the system of cruelty was actually started off by Labours ATO’s Medical Assessments and evolved into the monster that is Tory Mass-Murder.

I’ve wrote about this before, and I will write about it again:-

DWP Deaths

United Nations (UN) Two UK Investigations

Deaths 2014

We could all be Daniel Blake. We all deserve to be treated with respect. We are human beings.

In five weeks time I will also be homeless, becoming more disabled, financially crippled before Christmas and today I discovered that the Homeless officer that was meant to be helping me – she got a new job and failed to allocate my case to someone else.


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