Chaos, Independence & Governments

by C.C. Hamilton


I am going to say something really unfashionable in Scotland these days. I LOVE SCOTLAND.

Thats better, glad I got that off my chest.

I was at Hampden on Saturday and it was brilliant. The atmosphere, the banter, the camaraderie, the rollercoaster ride, the post mortem amongst us as we trudged away after another hard luck story. It is unique to us. Not better than anyone else but definately unique and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have our problems in Scotland, like every country does but when we come together like we did on Saturday it is a thing of beauty. Sure some people booed the National Anthems and one or two songs were a bit near the knuckle but it was never poisonous in any way. It was a rivalry and a good one. A wee country trying to get one over on a much bigger neighbour. All credit to our English friends too for adding to the atmosphere. I really hope they go unbeaten the rest of the campaign. For us we just keep on keeping on but there is a wee bit of gallus returning I would love to see that replicated throughout the country and not just at Hampden and Murrayfield for big matches.


Tory Chaos

As always when we get yet another Tory Government we didnt vote for I look on at the chaos that ensues and shake my head. The Tories are bad for Scotland we know that, bad for the UK too, but particularly bad for Scotland. Of course this time we were brave enough, not stupid, but on their record in Scotland you have to be brave  to send 13 of them to Westminster but such is the shambles down there that they are already trying to distance themselves from the UK party and pretend to be independent. Oh the irony!  The lack of scrutiny on Ruth Davidson and her party in the Scottish press is actually quite frightening but if I had voted Tory in Scotland and looking at the mess I have voted for I would be thinking twice about trusting Ruth Davidson with my vote again any time soon. Interesting that she now wants an “Open Brexit!” whatever that means, but I am pretty sure there are many,many people who voted Tory in Scotland on the basis of the hard Brexit, she herself, seemed to have signed up to during the Election Campaign. I dont believe there were many in Scotland voted for a Tory Government, propped up by a party like the DUP (and all their baggage that goes along with that,) ditching most of their manifasto, no coherant Brexit plan and a lame duck PM being savaged from all sides including her own party. It’s not for me to tell the rest of the UK how to vote, but we know from bitter tears that if we vote Tory in Scotland we get chaos. The Tories are spinning hard up here because they know the UK is a shambles of their making and that at some stage the Scots who voted for them, and they are not stupid, will catch up and see them for what they are. The party of self interest. Scotland and in particular the fine people of the Borders and the North East deserve better than that.



Independence is gone for now, there is no real stomach for the fight in Scotland. Part of the problem with the yes movement is that we try to solve all Scotlands problems overnight with indy. We can’t. Independence is about choice. And who makes those choices. Once we are Independent from the UK we choose what kind of country we want to live in and elect Government to meet that demand. If they don’t deliver we vote them out. We can never do that at UK level, even if we had all voted Labour, Corbyn would still have been short of a majority. And that is the core point and always has been. It is a democratic deficit. If you believe Scotland is a country, it should elect its own Government with all the levers available to influence our economy, way of life and public services. No one wants to fall out with the rest of the UK. A negotiated settlement so we take responsibilty for our wee bit of the world. Who knows what path our country would take but it would be our path and if it was a shambles (it wouldn’t be) it would be ours, we would own it and we would take the required steps to sort it. Compare that to the mess of the UK at the moment. There cant be anyone out there who thinks we couldnt do a better job ourselves of managing a country than this mess forced on us my May, Davidson et al. Is anyone amongst THEM brave enough to take ownership of it? Nope, lurching from one disaster to another. We have a lifeboat, we just need to trust ourselves, but are we brave enough to use it? Not yet.


Tale of 2 Governments


Today the Scottish Government quietly announced a funding package for the Borders and a bill for further powers and protections for our island communities. Getting on with the day job in the face of the most hostile press anywhere in the UK (you wont read about it in the papers because its not SNPBAD). Compare that to the actual state of the UK Government over the last few years. A UK Government set to take us back in time, doing deals with the crazies from across the water against and outward looking, inclusive Scottish Government. Of course, we have challenges here and devolution actually makes some of those challenges greater with a fixed budget and limited tax powers but I would much rather have a left of centre social democratic party running Scotland, with all our challenges than what we have at UK level right now. In any other year we would be screaming to get out of this Union and build a fairer, just society in Scotland and support similar parties of Social Justice in the rest of the UK. But the GE has shaken us. After 10 years of competency we have become complacent. The SNP are not perfect by any means, but they are a lot better than anything else out there at the moment. Never forget that Davidson and Dugdale led us here. They don’t think we can do any better and we need this shamolic UK Government. In their desperation to crush the SNP they have made us believe we just need to suck it up. We don’t but we do need to be good neighbours. And after independence we will be good neighbours, best friends working together in the best interests of all of the British Isles. It will be brilliant.

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