Ruth Davidson

by C.C.Hamilton

Ruth Davidson cannot be allowed to run away from this current Tory cluster fuck.  The Scottish media has to do its job and hold her to account now.

Her party is now going into an agreement with the DUP, a party with “questionable” views on gay rights and a history of  sectarian issues. I say questionable but it’s a lot worse than that of course.

Now add that to the fact that she has:


-Councillors suspended (but still active in the party during the General Election) for allegedly posting racist and sectarian content on social media.


-She has been pictured with activists who have been or are in the process of being investigated for alleged sectarian and racist abuse/content on social media. Indeed one such activist was exposed by Wings Over Scotland as having been been convicted in court over abuse made to call centre operatives.


-And remember  we also have actual high profile MSP’S using the hash tag WATP (we are the people)  to troll folk on twitter.


It’s then no real surprise to read Aiden Kerrs story today of an increase in Anti Catholic crime recently. Of course wee Aiden is either not brave enough or good enough to follow the trails because he knows it may lead (at least) partly to Cuddly, darling of the media, former BBC employee Ruth Davidson’s party. Language is important and high profile figures using sectarian or racist terms emboldens those at the fringes. Indeed Nicola Sturgeon is questioned constantly about those on the fringes of the YES movement and they are not even involved in any way with the SNP. An example of which was Kezia Dugdale recently demanding the the FM distance herself from the owner of pro indy site Wings Over Scotland. A man who does not live in Scotland, is not a member of the SNP, has never voted for them and is indeed a reluctant Liberal Democrat voter. If he is anyone’s problem he is a Tim Farron or Willie Rennie problem! Compare the days of coverage that received to the near silence around this issue. No one is saying that Ruth Davidson is racist or Sectarian, of course, but there is a creeping bigot element in her party and it must be called out when we see it. What is important though is whether she has the strength to deal with it.


Ruth made a big play yesterday of being a Protestant Unionist marrying an Irish Catholic as a cynical attempt at deflection when questioned about the DUP agreement, yes…she really did. Well no one really cares about Ruth’s personal life, other than to wish them both well actually. Most of Scotland moved on from that a long time ago.. But her party is cosying up to a party who would deny couples like them the same rights in Northern Ireland and she has high profile figures and activists using intemperate Sectarian, Racist and homophobic language on HER watch. Remember Ruth was very quick to wade into the Corbyn/IRA story. So the same scrutiny should be on her and her party here. Questions must be answered. Ruth Davidson talks a lot about division but it is members of her party and activists working alongside her in campaigns who are using some of the most vile, divisive language in the country. She may argue that she is unaware of these issues but she surely has to be asked the question. Members of her party North and South of the Border are dragging this country back to the dark ages, that much is clear, and that definitely wasn’t on any leaflet I got from the Ruth Davidson party.  She now says that she has assurances from the PM that the loose agreement with DUP will not harm LGBTI rights, even suggesting that her new MP’s may vote against the PM in a desperate attempt to distance herself from the Tory shambles she told us to vote for. The woman is spinning like a top. The Media, particularly the broadcast media for failing to investigate these issues and indeed the work of Open Democracy recently around “Dark Money” funding her campaigns ought to hang their heads and they do a disservice to democracy.


There should be nowhere to hide for Ruth Davidson. This Tory Government that she told us to vote for is an utter shambles and she doesn’t get to run away from her part in this. She thinks she is fireproof. She knows she just about fell apart over the rape clause debacle only to get off the hook. She should face the same scrutiny as every other party leader. In my view there are many in her party who are no better than UKIP, I think she knows it and she is trying to deflect and hide. 




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