An Object Remains at Rest

by Jason Michael McCann

Right now it has become obvious that we in the Scottish independence movement have a decision to make. We must decide whether or not we want independence. This, however absurd it may sound, is the most pressing and the most important decision we have to make, and we must make it soon. Each of us must look deep inside ourselves, think long and hard, and decide. At the end of September 2014 those of us who chose to continue knew that from that point on – emerging from the mouth of defeat – it would be a longer, harder road. We were kidding ourselves on if we thought otherwise.

This general election has proven to be the second speedbump, and perhaps more than the 2014 No vote it has slowed us down. It has ground us to a halt. Now is the time, if you are so inclined, to lower your flag and head on away home. I’m not going to blame you. We’re exhausted. I’m exhausted.

Are we willing to get back up and dust ourselves down and get back on the move? If this is what you want, then let’s think it through. The last election cost us some dearly loved MPs. It was a bitter pill and a high price. We’ll lose others. Ask yourself, can you take that happening again – and again after that? Have we got the stomach to go through this a third time and a fourth time? Friends, we’re not getting any younger. Our fight is against an empire with resources and energies we cannot begin to even comprehend. Is your answer still Yes? Then let’s think about this.

Some of us are saying, “Yes, but not yet.” The wisdom here is that we should get Brexit out of the way, give the Westminster government all the rope it needs to hang itself. When the London Conservatives have, as inevitably they will, made this mess as bad as it can possibly get we will be rested enough to lift up our banners again and walk through some fairy tale open door. The tired little boy inside me thinks this a brilliant idea. He, like so many of us, wants to curl up and sleep.

Do you know what the problem with this idea is? It assumes that our foe is a mannequin, a motionless, changeless statue that will wait perfectly still until we are better rested. Can you see how dangerous this idea is? Westminster is not this pathetic Theresa May or even the collective incompetence of her parliamentary party’s privately educated murder of toffs. Westminster is an apparatus of an imperialist police state, the bureaucratic structure of intelligent plotters and schemers whose longer-term strategic view of the future is five, six, seven moves ahead of us; whose plans are tuned and reactive to our every move.

Do we think that wheels are not turning within wheels all the while we wait, continually conspiring against us; plotting our downfall – our destruction? Do we really believe Great Britain became what it is by happy accident? Was this once globe-spanning empire, this vicious nuclear state the product of luck? If we think this then we truly lack the wherewithal to be struggling against it.

As we wait for the storm of Brexit to pass over us those wheels will roll out every conceivable underhand and devious weapon against us. Theresa May or the puppet masters behind her will fight their fictive terrorists by shutting down the internet, and when we finally wake up from our rest the only tool we have at our disposal will already be gone. You think this is paranoia? Did you read her manifesto? By waiting and resting we will do only two things. We will start to lose numbers and shrink, and we will hand the beast the gift of time. Waiting is death.

What we have is a movement that is now sluggish and tired. Our decision is this: Wake it up and fire it with new life or send it to sleep and sit by its side in tearful vigil as it breathes its last.

You want my opinion? Well here it is. Scotland is my home and I am here fighting for it. I am watching as the British state penalises my mother for being disabled. We are watching as it murders infants for being Syrian. We are looking on as it feasts on the suicides of the weak, the sick, the poor, the unemployed who have lost hope and given up. Now we have a front row seat to their rutting session with people in Northern Ireland who’d throw rocks at children for attending a Catholic school. How long can we wait and watch and rest? Can you sleep through any more of this? I can’t.

Britain is injustice. It is unjust that Scotland is unfree. There can be no peace without justice, and we sure can’t sleep without peace. So tired as I am, and I am exhausted, I am here to finish the job I came to do. We have set our hands to the plough. This is my opinion. I am not for giving up. I am not going to give this monster a moment’s rest, a moment’s peace, until this job is done. I can’t do it alone.

If now is the time then now is the time to wake everyone up. This movement will move only when we give it another push. It will succeed only when we keep on pushing, when we don’t give up. It is time for ideas and talking to be turned into action. We become an unstoppable force right now or this is the end of the road. If this is what you want then you had better get your boots on – we’re about to start moving again.

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Chaos, Independence & Governments

by C.C. Hamilton


I am going to say something really unfashionable in Scotland these days. I LOVE SCOTLAND.

Thats better, glad I got that off my chest.

I was at Hampden on Saturday and it was brilliant. The atmosphere, the banter, the camaraderie, the rollercoaster ride, the post mortem amongst us as we trudged away after another hard luck story. It is unique to us. Not better than anyone else but definately unique and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have our problems in Scotland, like every country does but when we come together like we did on Saturday it is a thing of beauty. Sure some people booed the National Anthems and one or two songs were a bit near the knuckle but it was never poisonous in any way. It was a rivalry and a good one. A wee country trying to get one over on a much bigger neighbour. All credit to our English friends too for adding to the atmosphere. I really hope they go unbeaten the rest of the campaign. For us we just keep on keeping on but there is a wee bit of gallus returning I would love to see that replicated throughout the country and not just at Hampden and Murrayfield for big matches.


Tory Chaos

As always when we get yet another Tory Government we didnt vote for I look on at the chaos that ensues and shake my head. The Tories are bad for Scotland we know that, bad for the UK too, but particularly bad for Scotland. Of course this time we were brave enough, not stupid, but on their record in Scotland you have to be brave  to send 13 of them to Westminster but such is the shambles down there that they are already trying to distance themselves from the UK party and pretend to be independent. Oh the irony!  The lack of scrutiny on Ruth Davidson and her party in the Scottish press is actually quite frightening but if I had voted Tory in Scotland and looking at the mess I have voted for I would be thinking twice about trusting Ruth Davidson with my vote again any time soon. Interesting that she now wants an “Open Brexit!” whatever that means, but I am pretty sure there are many,many people who voted Tory in Scotland on the basis of the hard Brexit, she herself, seemed to have signed up to during the Election Campaign. I dont believe there were many in Scotland voted for a Tory Government, propped up by a party like the DUP (and all their baggage that goes along with that,) ditching most of their manifasto, no coherant Brexit plan and a lame duck PM being savaged from all sides including her own party. It’s not for me to tell the rest of the UK how to vote, but we know from bitter tears that if we vote Tory in Scotland we get chaos. The Tories are spinning hard up here because they know the UK is a shambles of their making and that at some stage the Scots who voted for them, and they are not stupid, will catch up and see them for what they are. The party of self interest. Scotland and in particular the fine people of the Borders and the North East deserve better than that.



Independence is gone for now, there is no real stomach for the fight in Scotland. Part of the problem with the yes movement is that we try to solve all Scotlands problems overnight with indy. We can’t. Independence is about choice. And who makes those choices. Once we are Independent from the UK we choose what kind of country we want to live in and elect Government to meet that demand. If they don’t deliver we vote them out. We can never do that at UK level, even if we had all voted Labour, Corbyn would still have been short of a majority. And that is the core point and always has been. It is a democratic deficit. If you believe Scotland is a country, it should elect its own Government with all the levers available to influence our economy, way of life and public services. No one wants to fall out with the rest of the UK. A negotiated settlement so we take responsibilty for our wee bit of the world. Who knows what path our country would take but it would be our path and if it was a shambles (it wouldn’t be) it would be ours, we would own it and we would take the required steps to sort it. Compare that to the mess of the UK at the moment. There cant be anyone out there who thinks we couldnt do a better job ourselves of managing a country than this mess forced on us my May, Davidson et al. Is anyone amongst THEM brave enough to take ownership of it? Nope, lurching from one disaster to another. We have a lifeboat, we just need to trust ourselves, but are we brave enough to use it? Not yet.


Tale of 2 Governments


Today the Scottish Government quietly announced a funding package for the Borders and a bill for further powers and protections for our island communities. Getting on with the day job in the face of the most hostile press anywhere in the UK (you wont read about it in the papers because its not SNPBAD). Compare that to the actual state of the UK Government over the last few years. A UK Government set to take us back in time, doing deals with the crazies from across the water against and outward looking, inclusive Scottish Government. Of course, we have challenges here and devolution actually makes some of those challenges greater with a fixed budget and limited tax powers but I would much rather have a left of centre social democratic party running Scotland, with all our challenges than what we have at UK level right now. In any other year we would be screaming to get out of this Union and build a fairer, just society in Scotland and support similar parties of Social Justice in the rest of the UK. But the GE has shaken us. After 10 years of competency we have become complacent. The SNP are not perfect by any means, but they are a lot better than anything else out there at the moment. Never forget that Davidson and Dugdale led us here. They don’t think we can do any better and we need this shamolic UK Government. In their desperation to crush the SNP they have made us believe we just need to suck it up. We don’t but we do need to be good neighbours. And after independence we will be good neighbours, best friends working together in the best interests of all of the British Isles. It will be brilliant.

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Dear Older Voters

by C.C Hamilton

Dear older voters. 

Please don’t vote vote for the party who have in the manifesto to cut your pension, cut your winter fuel payments and take away free school meals for kids.  

Please don’t vote for the party of benefit sanctions, tax credit cuts and the rape clause. Please don’t vote in Scotland for the party whose MSP’S think it is acceptable to use “we are the people” to troll people on the Internet opening old sectarian wounds. 

 Please don’t vote Tory because you don’t want to put a cross in a box in 2 years time if there is a referendum.  

YOUR generation, more than any other, know what the Tories did to Scotland under Thatcher. Don’t let them do it again. Vote for the party who works everyday for Scotland. They don’t always get it right but at least they fucking believe in Scotland and our people and our right to choose our own path.  

And in 2 years time just vote NO, if that’s your choice. But at least there is a party that are saying that it should be your choice.  Don’t vote for the party who thinks you are not capable of making that choice. 

Please think about it. Don’t vote to be poorer. Don’t vote to stop YOU having choice. 

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Twitter Statistics

As we all know, Twitter is my poison of choice. But how many Scots are on Twitter? How many women and men? How many times did they mention #indyref? What have we brought to the World?

Well wonder no more.

Scotland sends 2.1 billion tweets – or 65 tweets a second per year.

In the UK there are about 24 million Twitter User.  48.2% of Scotland’s users use Twitter. 40% of users don’t actually tweet, instead using Twitter as a news feed (come on people!)

Total Population of Scotland is 5.295 million[1]. Total number of Twitter accounts mean that 2.541million are on twitter but only 40% are active tweeters.  So the number of Tweeters are 1.016.

That means that the percentage of people in Scotland that use Twitter is 19.187% (rounded up = 20%)

Men sent 56% of Scottish tweets between June 2014 and June 2015.

Average Age of Tweeters is between 25-34[2].

The hashtag #indyref has been tweeted OVER 6,473,089 times (beating how many times Scots have tweeted #OneDirection) (#bettertogether was tweeted 55,778 by comparison)

We have also introduced the World to phrases such as ‘Yer Da’ and ‘Yer Maw’ (it’s a proud moment for us all as a Nation)

During indyref debate you can see the Twitter pattern (to work out locations) across Scotland from those debating indyref hashtags[3].


[1] 5,295,000 (first results of 2011 Census)





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Artworks 2016

Couple for Independence (cartoon version) drawing on Corel Draw
Couple for Independence (cartoon version) drawing on Corel Draw
Young Woman for Independence (cartoon version) drawing on Corel Draw
Young Woman for Independence (cartoon version) drawing on Corel Draw



Cartoon Girl (chibi) for  Independence drawing created on Corel Draw
Cartoon Girl (chibi) for Independence drawing created on Corel Draw
Cartoon Pink Girl with Cats (chibi) for  Independence drawing created on Corel Draw
Cartoon Pink Girl with Cats (chibi) for Independence drawing created on Corel Draw
Red Girl with tartan and Nessie (chibi) for  Independence drawing created on Corel Draw
Red Girl with tartan and Nessie (chibi) for Independence drawing created on Corel Draw
StillYes Robot. Drawn by @ARTofPatt and coloured by @defiaye
StillYes Robot. Drawn by @ARTofPatt and coloured by @defiaye
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The Story so Far….

The Story so Far….

There are many people that can put this more eloquently than myself. I usually doodle.

In reality humanity needs to wake up – Yesterday.

I live in the UK, quite possibly the most Un-united Kingdom on the Earth. Our democracy is enslaved to another country and if the word ‘Democracy’ was a person – it would be on its Knees.

If you haven’t already guessed – I am from Scotland.

We could have been independent….actually No. We couldn’t have.  There is no reality where Scotland can democratically free herself; because corruption, legalized propaganda and fear will stop us. And if that didn’t stop us (historically speaking) – a technicality would have[i].

Despite the actual independence referendum itself being questionable (whitewash investigations continue across Scotland) and held with the security of a Tuck Shop being run by squirrels (there are literally videos all over youtube showing problems that even make my disengaged cat wince) – there were some positive outcomes.  Labour destroyed itself and lied (about so many things) specifically about pensions.

Morbidly when I built this website to discuss, campaign, rant etc. it was because I thought we would lose the Independence referendum but paradoxical I also couldn’t watch that historical event take place without Trying.  Trying for something better.

Don’t take that as defeatist. Scotland WILL be independent. I just don’t think it will be with a clear cut vote, in a swirl of rainbows – in fact I suspect it will take a choke hold over the people with the London-Controlled Government reducing us all into very desperate creatures.

Right now the Government keeps its population scared, desperate but still afraid of losing what little we have – that time will move forward in the next five years. Eventually some people will decide that there’s nothing more to lose. And that is what will, probably and eventually, free us all.

But whatever happens – Hope will come in Over Fear. That I do believe. Hope and Integrity will always exist in the cracks and it will bleed through. There are good people out there. You’re probably one of them.

You could mistake my description (with propaganda, discrimination, persecution featuring heavily in the metaphorical brochure) of my beautiful country as belonging in a fascist warzone  – that’s because it is.  And like most advanced forms of warfare – the people don’t even realise they’re being attacked (and destroyed).

I would love to ‘Walt Disney’ this up for you but humans are selfish. They don’t care until it (persecution) is on their doorstep. This is proved by the death of over 60,000 disabled people (10,600 dead in 10 months x 6yrs of Conservatives)[ii] after their benefits were terminated by the Government. And that is just the people we know about. There are people who do not claim for benefits out of fear/shame etc. So sixty thousand people die and nobody cares. This is both sad but reality.


From being forced into ‘reprograming’[iii] by the UK Government under pain of losing meagre benefits, to having budgets cut across all departments to pay for ‘Austerity’ that so far has led to the rich doubling their wealth whilst the poor have become poorer.

Austerity was and is an excellent tool for causing fear (and by natural proxy allow for social control).  It is also, in a larger scale – a complete lie[iv].  Most of us (mere ordinary mortals) have seen our pay cut whilst the top 1000 people’s wealth has doubled[v].

And before I carry on (I am sick of this issue being raised by idiots that can’t do basic math) – Migrants contributed £20bn more in taxes than they took in public services over the last decade.  Average pay, taking account of rising prices, has fallen every year for six years. This is the worst decline living in standards for most people since official records began in 1856.

But the genius Westminster Government[vi] has Working people attacking the Corrupt, the Rich disabled and sick…. immigrants, the really poor, various religions and any day I’m sure they’ll be adding other races, atheists and ‘people that have read A book’ to that list. Make no mistake. You are NOT the exception.  We (rich, poor and everyone in between) are not in this together.

Referring to ‘Social’ control I suppose I should acknowledge BBC bias and the phenomenon of ‘BBC Math’. The BBC bias occurs when the tax-payer funded organisation simply ignored/ignores most protests, events and rally in the same way that my cat doesn’t bury the shit in its litter tray.

BBC Math is basically how the BBC counts how many people turn up at protests against Austerity. It is a very complex procedure. First –They don’t send any journalists. Then one of their writers closes their eyes and picks a number (numbers 0-130) out of a hat. That number then becomes a mainstream official figure.

The key attribute of BBC Math is that no actual Maths takes place.  This phenomenon got so bad during #indyref that I actually found myself placing numbers onto people in a photo of rally to disprove the BBC maths*

* using an advanced technique (I didn’t personally invent…ah what the hell – I invented it) called ‘Counting’.

The BBC is quite frankly…finished in Scotland. Ironically the Conservatives (their masters) want them gone as well so strategically I think the BBC has been taking advice from either Fifa or Glasgow City Council*

*a side note – a sarcastic kudos and slow clap to Glasgow City Council for killing The Arches, demolishing the Buchanan steps and then blowing 23million on spy cameras.  My Bowel has better PR.

All hope is not yet lost.

The legalised propaganda where a Politian (nods to Alastair Carmichael) can lie and then face no repercussions is being challenged in Scotland – by a Crowdfund.  If someone had pointed out that previous sentence to me two years ago I would have thought it came from a fantasy story.. People don’t care….right? Wrong[vii]  3913 people seriously care and have put up £60,000 in 16 days.  This is pretty damn incredible.

We also KNOW that 1,617,989[viii] Scottish people are Brave and there are Many of them (see what I did there).

Despite the entire mainstream media, UK Government and most political parties raining down their very best ‘merry hell’ – 1,617,989 people stood and fought for Scotland.

Labour literally lost its strategic heid and continued to Exorcist (spin) its way to hell.  When I was a kid I may have (once) voted Labour (I came from a seriously Labour family…some of you know HOW Labour that was and what it cost to walk away) but I digress – I am happy that their true and quite frankly Conservative colours have been exposed. I am sad that they cannot admit how much they have screwed (up) Scotland.

They now have a chance to go away, disentangle themselves from London, ‘find themselves’ and come back with a new vision, attitude and attempt redemption (hopefully not in my life time though) – but they will Not. Instead Labour has somehow become MORE right wing than most conventional right wing parties. It’s actually fascinating to watch – but not in a good way. It’s like watching a horror movie KNOWING that everyone is going to die but watching it until the end anyways.

Then in May – 1,454,436 of those people came back and reinforced Scotland by voting SNP.  Whether you are SNP or not – That sends a message.

I would have, personally, been happy with Scotland backing any of the anti-austerity parties and I wish the Scottish Greens had done better basically because I liked the moxy of Patrick Harvie.  But, like most, I understood the importance of not splitting the vote.

So where are we now?

>Tentatively pushes a piece of paper across the digital table<

2016 Scottish Parliament general election – Thursday 5 May 2016,_1979





[1] In the UK, the main Government (voted in General Election) hold their debates etc. at Westminster.  Despite 56 MPs out of 59 from Scotland being against Austerity – the Scottish people have virtually no democratic control over their country as The United Kingdom is divided into 650 constituencies, with 533 in England, 40 in Wales, 59 in Scotland, and 18 in Northern Ireland. So even if Scotland, Wales and Ireland wanted a different future, party, government – England controls all four. Kind of like how a Prison Guard controls the Inmates. Democratic? So whats happened is that a party called the Conservatives controls the UK. They are possibly one of the most morally corrupt party in history…but that’s for another article.









[vi] In the UK, the main Government (voted in General Election) hold their debates etc. at Westminster.  Despite 56 MPs out of 59 from Scotland being against Austerity – the Scottish people have virtually no democratic control over their country as The United Kingdom is divided into 650 constituencies, with 533 in England, 40 in Wales, 59 in Scotland, and 18 in Northern Ireland. So even if Scotland, Wales and Ireland wanted a different future, party, government – England controls all four. Kind of like how a Prison Guard controls the Inmates. Democratic? So whats happened is that a party called the Conservatives controls the UK. They are possibly one of the most morally corrupt party in history…but that’s for another article.



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