It’s a done deal

by C.C.Hamilton

So they finally got it over the line. The Tories managed to do their deal with the devil and ensured DUP support for the Queens Speech, Budget and Brexit. At a cost of £1Bn to the taxpayer and according to our Scottish Tories who are at Westminster standing up for us it is not “Barnettable” therefore there is no equivelent sum coming to Scotland or Wales at this time. Lets leave aside the money for a minute because for me that is actually secondary. It has actually been shameful how quickly everyone jumped on the financial aspect and seem to have forgotten who the UK Government have actually gone into a deal with.


The DUP’s record in Women’s and Gay Rights is pretty awful, let’s not kid ourselves and their links to Terror Organisations in the past and their history of Sectarianism is well documented and does them no favours whatsoever. The first thing to imagine is if Corbyn had done a deal with Sinn Fein ( the other party of Government in NI) to prop up a Labour Government. There would have been carnage. Secondly remember the billboards with Alex Salmond picking  pockets in the run up to the 2015 election? The same kind of bollocks was put out this time around too and usually by “Proud Scots” and the SNP is a centre left social democratic party! But the thought of Scotland getting a few extra quid for public services for backing either a minority Miliband or Corbyn Government was a scandal in the press. The DUP are a hard right organisation, somewhere to the right of UKIP in some regards and the UK Government has bunged them a billion quid with the sweetner of further money in 2 years time, should the Government last that long. It is also worth noting the behaviour of Tory MSP’s like Murdo Fraser earlier this year when the Green Party manages to gain a few concessions from the Scottish Government in the budget. Screaming and name calling at the Greens in Parliament, so what does he have to say about this deal? I’m sure our press will remind him of his behaviour. And what of Ruth and auld snackbeard Mundell. Well, Ruth decided to attack independence as some kind of justification for her Government doing a deal with a party with, and let’s be kind here, questionable views on Catholics (she’s marying one) Gay Rights (she is gay) and womens rights (she is a woman.)  It’s all deflection.There can be no right minded person in Scotland who likes this Tory/DUP pact, sure some of the crazy Unionists out there will be buzzing about it but the vast majority of Scots are rational and decent and know that this is a desperate measure from a dreadful Prime Minister and a dangerous one at that.


As far as the money goes, good luck to Northern Ireland. If the money is available they should have it but it shouldn’t have taken 3 weeks of haggling to get it. Here is the whole problem with devolution. Scotland, Wales and NI have to battle and scratch and moan to get a few extra crumbs from the table. And when they do they are called scroungers, sometimes by their own media! Can you imagine where Scotland would be without its own Government screaming and shouting all the time for a share? I can. It was called the 80’s and the Tories brought Scotland to it’s knees and the Labour party, in control just about everywhere in Scotland but in opposition in Westminster managed to do the grand total of fuck all to prevent it. And as we send more Tories to Westminster on the basis of shiny promises for fishermen and farmers (who THEY sold out in the first place) we should remember that. All Scotland did at the General Election was weaken it’s hand. We know that now. Snackbeard Mundell was on TV at the weekend guaranteeing a share of the DUP deal would make its way to Scotland and Wales by way of the Barnett Formula.  It hasn’t. We may get a couple of quid at the budget as a sweetener to make the Thick Thirteen look a bit better. That’d be nice but I rather think that will be more about the SNP screaming and shouting again. Ruth said that her 13 will stand up for Scotland,but I ask to whom? Why do her MP’s have to stand up to their own Government? It is now clear already that these Scottish Tories are no different, indeed are much worse than previous ones. But I don’t think that that is unexpected. They have failed their first test, spectacularly. That is not unexpected either.

More than ever we need to be independent. It is embarrassing having to beg for crumbs from the UK table. No country should be reliant on another, no country’s purse string should be held by a bigger neighbour and no country should need protection from the policies of a larger neighbour who we are supposed to be in partnership with. The democratic deficit is alive and well. Once again Scotland is sidelined because we dream of a better future for everyone. Once again we give this union another go. We send  a few Tories to Westminster to protect us from….Tories, increase our Labour MPS in the hope of something better under Corbyn and vote out some of our most capable politicians to give the union another go. Maybe this time, we will be treated as equal, maybe this time…..Nah. Same old same old. A Tory Government that more than 2/3rd of the country didn’t vote for.

Time for Scotland the Brave, time to make our own mistakes and own them. Time to plot our own path with shoulders back and head held high. Confidently striding into the future as a welcoming, inclusive forward thinking nation. Not dragged back into deals with right wing, as the Mirror calls them today “crackpots.” Time to be in a position of voting OUT any Government we are not happy with. Time to spend money on Health and Education and proper defence rather than nuclear weapons in the Clyde that we will never use.

It is our time, Time to put all of us first. We’ve given the Union another go, it’s broken, we are too junior a partner to fix it. But we can fix us and work with the rest of the UK as equals. And you know what, if Scotland has a £15Bn deficit as is claimed, it just proves that the Union has failed us and that we are brave enough to take the difficult decisions to move Scotland forward. Come on, it’ll be an adventure, let’s get off our knees, Hope over Fear. Be the Scotland we wish to be.

 You Yes Yet?

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